Fall Leaves: A Beautiful Balancing Act

As the seasons change and the leaves change and prepare to drop for the winter, they provide a beautiful landscape for at least a short time.  Then what was beauty can become a nuisance.  When leaves drop for the winter, not only do they cover the grass, but they often end up in your gutters […] Read more »

St. John’s University Gets a Taste of Quality Roofing in St. Paul

Roofing St. Paul and Minneapolis establishments is Garlock-French Corporation’s bread and butter and we gladly take up challenges that not all contractors might want to tackle. As such, we also do work on buildings that you can’t quite call ordinary—like St. Benet Hall in St. John’s University, located in nearby Collegeville, for which we successfully […] Read more »

Trusted Minneapolis Roofing Company Lends Hand to Habitat for Humanity

Minneapolis, Minnesota (October 24, 2013) – Garlock-French Corporation, a trusted Minneapolis roofing company, was among the contractors that helped install GAF roofs in several homes earlier this year as part of the 2013 Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity project. This project aims to help modest families own a home by having them buy built properties […] Read more »