Maintaining Your Metal Roofing in MN: Various Considerations Explained

Christopher Jurin’s article for discusses several considerations when choosing metal roofing, which will consequently determine the kind of maintenance work required to prolong its life. One consideration is the roof’s design, including its underlying structure. The kind of metal the roofing sheets are made of also has an effect on any maintenance requirements. Read more »

Your House Deserves Only the Most Durable St. Paul Roofing Materials

An article on identifies some of the (arguably) most durable and popular roofing materials. According to the author, choosing durable roofing materials will help you save on maintenance and replacement costs, as they will last longer than other materials. Knowing their qualities will help you understand how they should be taken care of to […] Read more »

Winter Has Arrived!

Yes, like it or not, winter has hit Minnesota and the Twin Cities.  This heavy/wet snowfall will be followed by COLD temperatures.  That could result in ice dams.  Here is a brochure that we have put together explaining ice dams: Ice Dam Brochure We have been removing snow and ice carefully for many years.  We […] Read more »