Snow & Ice Removal: A Tough Winter

In the grips of a tough winter many homeowners wonder if and when it’s necessary to remove the snow and ice from their roofs. The two main issues to consider are the weight of the snow and ice dams, and the possibility of melting runoff backing up underneath the shingles creating a potential leak problem.  […] Read more »

Roofing in the Winter

Most people tend to forget about roofing projects when the temperature drops and the first snowstorm arrives, however there are several types of roofing and roofing related services that can be delivered year round. Asphalt shingle manufacturers recommend their products be installed when the ambient temperature is 40 degrees or above because the shingles won’t […] Read more »

Metal Roofing in MN: A Smart Choice for Eco-Friendly Property Owners

When it comes to roofing, homeowners are looking for a system of protection that’s durable, attractive, and eco-friendly. One of the more popular options is metal roofing in MN, which features superior resilience to the elements, aesthetic appeal, and energy efficiency. Dave McGinn of The Globe and Mail writes why metal roofing is a growing […] Read more »