Winter and Your Roof: The Aftermath

Now that spring is here (at least on the calendar), it’s time to identify any damage your roof sustained from the harsh winter we all survived. The most obvious places to check are gutters, downspouts, vents and other items visible from the ground. The weight of the ice build-up this year and the freeze/thaw cycles […] Read more »

Spring Cleaning Starts With Your Roofing in Grand Rapids

The winterwashard on everybody, especially for Minneapolis residents.Thoughresidents there are surely used to cold weather, these past frigid months have been particularly unforgiving.This is why the onset of spring was greeted with great joy inMinnesota and all other states that had been buried under sub-zero temperatures.If you’re one of those who had to deal with […] Read more »

Heat Cables: Ice Dams Beware

Heat cables are typically considered to be the last line of defense against leakage to due ice dams.  They are usually recommended for hard to ventilate areas and architectural details that channel a large volume of water to a small area (the base of valleys, sumps, between dormer walls etc).  If more insulation and better […] Read more »