Only Trust the Experts to Perform Roof Repairs or Installation in St. Paul

Choosing a new roof can be quite a daunting undertaking for a homeowner, especially if repairs are essential to maintaining the integrity of one’s home. Existing roof damage can affect many other aspects of a home, causing everything from interior leaks to rampant insect infestation. If left unchecked, the results can be devastating to the […] Read more »

Leakage From Prolonged Rain

The prolonged period of rain creates problems other than a dreary disposition, camouflaging potholes, and the desire to pull the covers over your head and stay in bed. Typical leaks that did not show up all winter may show up after a sustained rain event and many of those are not related to the roof. […] Read more »

Roofing in Minneapolis Should Be Left to the Experts

Winter weather can be brutal on a home, especially in Minneapolis. This was all too clear during a recent winter storm, which threatened to bury commuters and homes and basically caused one huge headache for residents. An article from goes into more detail about the possible effects of such a storm: Read more »

For Those Considering Metal Roofing in MN, Only the Best Will Do

Choosing an appropriate roof can be quite a challenge to many homeowners, especially when considering the large number of materials available for roof construction. Metal roofing is one such material that many homeowners swear by, thanks to its ability to withstand rough weather conditions as well as its relatively affordable price compared to its lifespan. […] Read more »

Gutters in Minneapolis Can Take Quite a Beating Thanks to Harsh Weather

Keeping your gutters in Minneapolis in top working order can be a concern for a number of homeowners, especially those dealing with characteristically harsh Minnesota weather. Even though spring has arrived in all its majesty, many residents are still plagued by brutal winter weather, as illustrated by this recent article from The Washington Times: Read more »