Roofing Series: Slate Roofing Advantages

Your roof takes a constant beating from the elements. Over time it can fail or deteriorate. What you can do to keep your home and family protected is by replacing your old or damaged roof with a stronger, more efficient system. Need to upgrade your Minneapolis roofing? You can always count on Garlock-French Corporation to […] Read more »

Gutter Maintenance: 4 Things That You Need to Know

Your gutters are a vital part of your roofing system. They provide the necessary protection for your home against water damage. Your gutters will be redirecting rainwater away from the vulnerable parts of your home, such as the roof and the foundation. However, if debris or leaves begin to collect, they can cause the gutters […] Read more »

Why You Should Choose Metal Roofing for Your Home

Are you looking to upgrade to your roofing? There are several considerations and factors that come into play when you’re planning roof replacement. One thing is the material you’re going to use, and in that regard, there are several options you can choose from. Roofing contractors in Minneapolis like Garlock-French Corporation have an expert recommendation […] Read more »