The Truth Behind 5 Metal Roofing Myths

Investing in a metal roof is an ideal option. While it has its share of misconceptions floating around, this type of roofing can actually provide lasting weather protection and performance than other systems. Garlock-French Corporation, your reliable home improvement contractor, shares the truth about five common metal roofing myths. Read more »

3 Ideal Roof Materials for Specific Architectural Styles

Residential architecture in Minneapolis has evolved through the years, making way for sleeker and more contemporary home designs. Nevertheless, the classic charm of vintage homes remains. In fact, many homeowners still turn to past architectural styles when improving the overall look of their home. This extends to the roof, an essential design element that defines […] Read more »

Steep-Slope Roofing Options and Their Features

Whether you’re replacing a deteriorating roof or installing a new roof on your new home, there are many choices in terms of available roofing materials. Factors that determine the best option include the style of your home, its geographical location, and the local climate. One factor that remains extremely helpful in choosing the right material […] Read more »