Avoiding Home Damage with Proper Gutter Maintenance

As you set about your home maintenance checklist, be sure to prioritize your gutters in Minneapolis, MN. Their channeling ability ensures that rainwater doesn’t end up inside your home. By keeping this essential component in top shape, you can avoid a number of problems, both structural and aesthetic. Garlock-French Corporation, your premier home improvement contractor, […] Read more »

4 Excellent Benefits of Metal Roofing

Asphalt shingles, slate, and tile remain the most popular roofing materials available today. However, there is another option that’s gaining traction among many homeowners—metal roofing. If you’re planning to invest in new roofing in St. Paul, you might want to consider this exceptional material. Metal roofing offers you several rewarding features that further improve your […] Read more »

Great Ways Roof Maintenance and Repair Benefit You

Keeping your roof in top shape all year round ensures that your home remains sturdy and damage-free from the harsh Minnesota weather. That’s why you should always keep roof maintenance top of your home improvement checklist. After all, the protection a roof provides extends to the rest of your home. Let Garlock-French Corporation, one of […] Read more »

Top Reasons to Choose Us for Your Roofing Project

Ensuring a successful roofing project starts with hiring a reliable contractor to handle the job. This way, you can keep the entire experience safe and stress-free while allowing you to make the most of the project. For all your roofing needs, you can turn to Garlock-French Corporation. As one of the top roofing contractors in […] Read more »