About Garlock-French Corporation Roofing In Minneapolis

roofing companyAt Garlock-French Corporation, we not only aim to provide the best solutions for roofing in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or Edina, but we aim to create strong relationships with our customers that will allow them to trust us in the work that we do. From metal roofing in Minnesota to gutters in Minneapolis, Minnetonka, and neighboring cities, we strive to give you many options and solutions for your roofing needs, and want to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Because we have been in the business for over eighty years, we understand what works and what doesn’t work for ourselves and for our customers. We care about the long term effects that our work has on your roof and about the long term effects that our work will have on you. For us, it’s not about getting the job done as fast as we can to get paid, but rather about carefully installing, repairing, replacing, or fabricating a project that will provide long lasting value for each customer. To accomplish this goal:
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  • We research every product we use, every method we employ, and every system we install.
  • We select only the finest and most high quality products on the market for every job for roofing in Minneapolis, White Bear Lake, and surrounding areas.
  • We undergo yearly training to ensure that we are current on the products and systems available for use on your roof.
  • We work closely with each customer to make sure we are accomplishing their goals as well as our own

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At Garlock-French Corporation, we are proud of a history that began in 1932 and was built on a solid reputation and problem-solving thinking. As a family owned company, we continue to provide peace of mind for every customer through meaningful, friendly, and high quality solutions for every roofing and related need in the area.

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About The Minneapolis Roofing Professionals at Garlock-French Corporation

Through the experience that more than 80 years has given Garlock-French Corporation, we’ve had ample time to turn Minneapolis roofing into an art form. Our roofing contractors in Minneapolis are some of the absolute best in the business and will not only work for you, but with you for all of your roofing needs in Minnetonka and throughout the Twin Cities area.

Garlock-French Corporation Values & Advantage

Garlock-French Corporation will take all of the time and attention that’s needed to properly take care of your gutters in Minneapolis and the rest of your roofing needs as well. Our values include:

  • Carefully selecting and researching high quality products
  • Continually educating ourselves on the latest systems and roofing products
  • Being a locally owned company that is friendly and fair

When you work with us, you’ll be getting quality workmanship, specialized services and a skilled team of problem solvers.

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For all of your masonry, sheet metal, chimney, gutters and roofing needs, call Garlock-French Corporation at 612-722-7129. We proudly serve the Minneapolis, Minnetonka, White Bear Lake, Edina and St. Paul areas.