Slate Roofing is the Best Protection Against Harsh Weather

Long lastingness is a characteristic every homeowner looks for in a roofing material because it means that the composition is durable and strong. In a place like Minnesota wherein its humid continental climate and ever changing weather conditions, which usually consist of hail and thunderstorm, a long lasting material is needed. This instance as reported […] Read more »

Roofing in Minneapolis Should Be Left to the Experts

Winter weather can be brutal on a home, especially in Minneapolis. This was all too clear during a recent winter storm, which threatened to bury commuters and homes and basically caused one huge headache for residents. An article from goes into more detail about the possible effects of such a storm: Read more »

Gutters in Minneapolis Can Take Quite a Beating Thanks to Harsh Weather

Keeping your gutters in Minneapolis in top working order can be a concern for a number of homeowners, especially those dealing with characteristically harsh Minnesota weather. Even though spring has arrived in all its majesty, many residents are still plagued by brutal winter weather, as illustrated by this recent article from The Washington Times: Read more »

Winter and Your Roof: The Aftermath

Now that spring is here (at least on the calendar), it’s time to identify any damage your roof sustained from the harsh winter we all survived. The most obvious places to check are gutters, downspouts, vents and other items visible from the ground. The weight of the ice build-up this year and the freeze/thaw cycles […] Read more »