St. John’s University Gets a Taste of Quality Roofing in St. Paul

Roofing St. Paul and Minneapolis establishments is Garlock-French Corporation’s bread and butter and we gladly take up challenges that not all contractors might want to tackle. As such, we also do work on buildings that you can’t quite call ordinary—like St. Benet Hall in St. John’s University, located in nearby Collegeville, for which we successfully installed clay tile roofing.

Unlike our usual clients who usually have newer types of tiles installed, the administrators of St. John’s chose to go for traditional clay tiles. This is perhaps because of the hall’s rich history that dates back to 1921, when it was constructed. A five-story brick construction boasting a blend of Spanish and Romanesque architecture, St. Benet was the university’s first hall built for the exclusive use of students.

The structure initially featured bowling alleys in the basement, which were scrapped and turned into student rooms and lounges in 1937. Classrooms, study halls, and a dormitory were found in the upper floors. In 1999, the rooms became sound proof and air conditioned, while sinks, closets, and bookshelves were also replaced. Today, St. Benet Hall stands as a one of the places listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Considering the significance of the hall, we at Garlock-French knew that we had to conduct our installations with the utmost care and attention, in order to ensure not only the safety of the students, but also of the place’s foundations and its contents. Our experienced staff conducted a thorough assessment of its existing roofing system and the areas where we were going to place the new clay tiles. Just like we do for our other clients, we used only the finest materials from trusted industry manufacturers to deliver a durable and impressive finished product.

We made sure that the roof’s look complements that of the entire facade in order to retain its beauty and appeal. The project is just one of the many we have done over the past 80 years that have made us one of the most trusted roofing contractors in St. Paul, MN and neighboring areas. Apart from roofing, we also offer gutter protection and maintenance, masonry and chimney repairs, and custom sheet metal projects.

Your home or hall may not be as historic as St. Benet, but we will still give it what it needs to be as beautiful. If you need services for roofing and home improvement, there is no other company to turn to but the Garlock-French Corporation. Keep exploring our website for more details on our services and have your roof checked, repaired, or replaced today!