Protecting Your Gutters In Minneapolis From Getting Clogged

At Garlock-French Corporation, we offer the most effective solutions for protecting Minneapolis gutters. Whether you are getting completely new gutters installed, or are simply looking for gutter protection, we have the expertise, the products, and the professionalism needed to make it happen. For over eighty years, customers all throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding areas have been contacting us for their gutters because we make customer satisfaction a top priority. The three main types of gutter protection systems that are available to our St. Paul roofing experts are:

1 – Filter

Filter protection works similar to the way that a screen cover does. The difference is that the filter actually occupies a portion of the gutter itself. One of the brands of filter protection that we use is Leaf Defier.

2 – Screen

Screen protection covers the entire gutter and keeps leaves and other debris out simply because there isn’t enough room for them to pass through. Water will be able to drip down through the screen, but anything else will dry up and blow away, leaving your gutters in Minneapolis or St. Paul clog free. One of the brands of screen protection that we use is Gutter Shingle.

3 – Reverse Flow

Reverse flow protection covers the gutter and has a slit near the gutter lip. When this is installed on gutters in Minneapolis, Edina, White Bear Lake, and surrounding areas, the water adheres to the metal cover to enter the gutter through the slit. When leaves run down the cover, they will just wash over the edge or stick to it and blow away when they are dry.

In trying to decide which system will work the best for your home or office, our St. Paul roofing experts are here to help. At Garlock-French Corporation, we are happy to speak with you about the options you have so that you can choose the gutter protection that suits your needs the very best.

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