Types Of Gutters In Minneapolis MN

At Garlock-French Corporation we are committed to the highest standards of excellence when it comes to the products we use and the satisfaction of our customers. In order to obtain the best in customer satisfaction, we offer multiple types of gutters in Minneapolis MN and surrounding cities. Our St. Paul and Minneapolis gutters are made from copper, aluminum, and galvanized iron and are made to your specifications.

Our Gutter Options

When it comes to our gutter options, you won’t be disappointed with Garlock-French Corporation. Our roofing contractors in St. Paul, Edina, and Minneapolis are highly qualified and trained to install one piece gutters and two piece gutters, both to your specific needs.

One Piece Gutters – In speaking of one piece gutters, there are two types. The first is formed with no slope with a roll former. The back of the gutter is of uniform height and is perfect for holding water. The second type of gutter is custom made for each specific building we install one on. The back height of the gutter will vary so that it will slope to the downspout. Our custom gutters also offer an additional option of built-in gutters in Minneapolis MN.

Two Piece Gutters – A two piece gutter needs to be properly installed in order to function correctly and keep water away from the structure. Our roofing contractors in St. Paul MN are highly qualified to do just that. The joint between the gutter and the apron can allow water to seep through and needs to be properly waterproofed to avoid that infiltration. After decades of installing gutters, the professionals at Garlock-French Corporation are prepared to ensure that the slope is just right and that you will not have to worry about any water infiltration.

Built-In Gutters/Gutter Liners – Built in gutters are traditionally found on older homes where the gutter is built into the lower edge of the roof system. Copper or galvanized iron are used to form the liner of the gutter. In some instances, EPDM may be used to line the gutter. The necessary slope for drainage is usually built into the structure of the roof system. If leaks occur with this style gutter, it can cause deterioration in the soffit and rafters at the lower edge of the roof system, perhaps requiring some rebuilding.

Double Bottom/Shell & Liner Gutter – These are composed of a decorative outside shell with a custom profile. Inside is a tapered gutter liner to allow drainage while the profile shell is installed uniformly. Copper and galvanized iron are the typical metals used in this type of system using stainless steel brackets to fasten the gutter to the roof system.

Our Gutter Profiles

There are many different profiles of gutter systems. They include standard Ogee, ranch, box, half-round and custom profiles. The different gutter profiles can be used to match or accentuate your style of home.

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