3 Important Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor

The roof is an essential part of any house or building. It protects the property and helps improve its aesthetic value. If there are problems with your home’s roofing system, it should be addressed immediately. Otherwise, they could only get worse, which could lead to bigger expenses and more inconveniences.

When it comes to fixing your roof, it’s best to hire professional roofing contractors in Minneapolis. But before you settle for a particular roofer, it is important to get the assurance that you’re hiring the right roofing company for the job. Here are three important questions to ask a prospective contractor before accepting the services they are offering.

• Do you have a proper license?
Before hiring a contractor, check if he has the necessary license. This will ensure that you are dealing with someone who has a legitimate roofing business in the state. It will also help prevent you from being victimized by unscrupulous fly-by-night companies.

• Are you experienced?
Asking this question will help you determine if the contractor has done other roofing jobs in the past. Always remember that an experienced roofer is more likely to complete a project with efficiency and great degree of professionalism as compared to a contractor who is just starting out in the roofing business. To determine if a roofing contractor is experienced or not, you can ask him to provide you with referrals or proof of his previous projects.

• Do you have insurance?
Because roofing work is risky, it is crucial that you have the necessary protection in case of accidents. Choosing a contractor that has the necessary insurance is the best way to go, so you can protect yourself from damages and liabilities.

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