Maintaining Your Metal Roofing in MN: Various Considerations Explained

Christopher Jurin’s article for discusses several considerations when choosing metal roofing, which will consequently determine the kind of maintenance work required to prolong its life. One consideration is the roof’s design, including its underlying structure. The kind of metal the roofing sheets are made of also has an effect on any maintenance requirements.

Metal roof systems provide a long life expectancy if they are properly installed and subsequently maintained after their installation. As with all types of roof systems, the key to a long service life is periodic maintenance and repairs. Without the proper maintenance any roof system will begin to fail.

There are many reasons why homeowners in Minnesota are beginning to consider replacing their roofing systems with metal ones: for one, metal roofing can stand up to both heat and cold. Although it expands when heated and contracts when cooled, it doesn’t crack or disintegrate like tiles or slate and even maintains its quality as soon as it returns to its original shape. Little wonder then that metal roofing in MN is highly recommended by roofing experts.

The system design also impacts how the roof system is maintained. Maintenance of metal roof systems may incorporate cleaning the roof system prior to repair or a maintenance coating. Flat seamed metal roof panels with soldered seams may be able to pressure washed before they are coated, but a metal roof system that incorporates metal roof shingles cannot be pressure washed because they are designed to shed water.

By using maintenance coating, you are reinforcing your metal roof with a shield against corrosive elements. Even those roofs that have been galvanized with non-ferrous metals may rust as soon as the elements wash their metal coating off, so you will need to strengthen them with sealant and/or the right paint. Minnesota metal roofing companies like Garlock-French Corporation can install and coat metal roofing regardless of your home’s design and architecture so you won’t have to do the task by yourself.

How your metal roof was installed can also influence the required maintenance work. Poorly installed metal roofing will succumb faster to the elements, forcing you to spend more in the long run. Therefore, it’s crucial for you to hire a skilled roofing contractor not just to build you some high-performance roofing from the very beginning, but also to build it well.

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