Minneapolis Roofing Companies Can Help You ‘Winterize’ Your House

2013 is in its final months and winter has come to the US. While the prospect of heavy snowfall and powerful blizzards should be enough to encourage people to ‘winterize’ their homes, some of them are more concerned with the upcoming holidays than the terrible weather ahead of them. According to Fox Business, lack of action could have dire repercussions in the future:

Lack of home maintenance can also lead to ice dams that occur when snow falls and collects on the roof but a lack of adequate insulation in the attic causes the precipitation to melt down the slope of the roof and then refreeze.  The constant heating and refreezing each day causes the ice to build up, which can lead to water damage to the inside of the house…

This is an important reminder for Minnesotans since winters in the state can be downright unforgiving; this is particularly true in Minneapolis and St. Paul, where temperatures can drop to -10 °F in February. The roofers from the Garlock-French Corporation take this information to heart and strive to make sure that any Minneapolis roofing system they make or maintain has a chance of warding off the ill effects of the cold and snow. Even so, a roof should be winterized well before the season arrives; thus homeowners should pick their roof design and materials carefully from the get-go because they have a significant impact on the overall performance of the roof.

For instance: a flat or semi-flat roof can be a liability because snow accumulates on them easily; over time, the added load will cause the roof to buckle under the weight, potentially collapsing if the supports aren’t strong enough. On the other hand, composition shingles and concrete tiles tend to resist ice buildup and freezing more than, say, asphalt shingles. The more expensive roofing materials may actually be cost-effective in the long run since they require fewer repairs and/or replacements every year.

Unfortunately, such things aren’t really common knowledge among homeowners, which is why they tend to make poor decisions. Ideally, roofing in Minneapolis should have a steep slope, be built with high-quality materials, and have an efficient gutter system to counteract the effects of snowfall and ice. With the help of companies like Garlock-French Corporation, however, homeowners will no longer need to worry about winter as much.

(Article Excerpt and Image fromTips for Preparing Your Home for Winter, Fox Business, November 20, 2013)