Things You Should Know About Chimney Crowns

A chimney crown or chimney cap’s main purpose is to protect the chimney’s structural elements from harsh climate. Here is why you need to keep it in good shape:


Prevents Water Damage

Chimneys help improve ventilation in your home. It also helps in promoting a healthy environment in your home by venting out unhealthy air. Nonetheless, constant exposure to the elements will deteriorate its chimney cap, which is significant to its longevity. That is why you’ll need to keep it in good shape. It helps prevent water from damaging the mortar inside your chimney, which leads to mold growth and unpleasant smell.

At Garlock-French Corporation, we offer more than high-quality Minneapolis roofing. We can also rebuild your chimney cap to prevent water damage in your home.

Prevents Animal Infestation

An animal can invade your home and nest in your chimney. A chimney cap will help keep these creatures at bay, which is why you’ll need to check the condition of your chimney occasionally.

Our expertise includes inspecting your chimney and assessing its condition, as well as installing roofing in St. Paul. We can conduct maintenance and necessary repairs to reinforce your chimney crown for your peace of mind. You have the assurance that working with us will result in a worry-free experience.

Prevents Spark Landings

Small quantities of creosote pose no risk to your home, but it is still better to clean your chimneys regularly to lessen the occurrence of fire. Sparks that could land on your chimney coming from fireworks or extreme heat can cause creosote to ignite. Our years of experience allow us to provide high-quality chimney maintenance services in addition to gutter cleaning. Rest assured that our services would improve the safety of your home.

Your chimney plays an important role in creating a comfortable environment in your home. That is why it is necessary that you give it special care. Garlock-French Corporation understands the difficulties of climbing up your roof to inspect your chimneys and gutters. You can be sure that working with us will keep you from ever climbing your roof again.

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