Love Local: 4 Reasons to Choose Local Contractors

The roof is an essential part of every home. It’s not only your house’s crowning glory, it is also your family’s first line of defense against the heat of the sun, rain, snow, and other elements of nature. Because of its important role in your house’s defense, your roof should only be handled by a contractor that you can trust.


That’s why if you’re planning to replace your roofing in Minneapolis, you should hire a well-known local roofer like Garlock-French Corporation to get your roofing done. Why choose a local roofer? Here are four reasons:

1. A neighbor’s personal touch. A local roofing company like Garlock-French Corporation usually has an office near where you live. This makes it more personal as you can easily meet our experts and talk to them face-to-face. Local companies will also tend to be more caring and mindful of your needs; providing all your roofing needs with the undivided attention only a friendly neighborhood roofer can provide.

2. Our familiarity with the area. Garlock-French Corporation has been working and living in the same area for more than 80 years. This means that we know how the weather is like here and we know what type of roofing material you will need to ensure long-lasting performance.

3. Our business’ bread and butter. Because we are a local roofer, our business depends on our clean reputation. A single complaint can actually ruin our status in the community, and our years of experience could all go to waste. You can definitely say that we are the most reputable company when it comes to Minneapolis, Edina, Minnetonka, White Bear Lake, and St. Paul roofing.

4. The local economy’s driving force. There’s an adage that says “when you buy local, it stays local.” This means that the money you spend when you hire a local roofer will more likely stay in the community. You are not only making your home more beautiful, you are also helping our local economy.

So, if you want your roofing done, love local and choose Garlock-French Corporation, the most trusted local roofing company in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas. You can visit our nearby offices or you can give us a call to learn more about our company, products, and services.