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What makes up the components of a good Edina roofing system? You may think a roof is in good condition if there are no missing shingles and they don’t look damaged. Although it’s true that pristine shingles or tiles can be a sign of good roof health, there’s much more to a roof than meets the eye. As top roofing contractors in Edina, we’re qualified to recognize the signs of roof damage that the untrained person can’t see.

For example, we know that after a hailstorm, impact “bruising” can occur on shingles that otherwise appear undamaged. This could mean the shingles might be compromised. Gutters can also be a problem. They require regular cleaning and maintenance, and can also be damaged during a storm. This is why as qualified roofing technicians in Edina, gutters are as much of a priority as every other component that makes up a roof.

We know how to spot healthy gutters and roofs:

  • Well-draining, clean gutters that attach seamlessly to the edge of a roof
  • Securely attached and undamaged shingles or tiles that don’t allow moisture or debris inside
  • Inner materials that further protect against damage from mildew, mold, or rot
  • A straight expanse of roof, without sagging or buckling, that looks attractive as well as supports the entire roof structure

As part of our training to keep us at the top of our game, Garlock-French Roofing requires each team member to undergo continuous education and certification with the best roofing material manufacturers in the country. In addition to our professional experience, all of our technicians are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and attention to detail for Edina gutters and roofing. We’re not satisfied with the job until you are!

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