Roofing Contractors In Minneapolis Provide The Essentials Of Masonry And Chimney Care

chimney repair serviceMany fireplaces are designed to be the focal point of the room in a home. Made from brick or stone, fireplaces are aesthetically pleasing and add value to your residence. Though it is one of the most important selling points of a home, it is often one of the most neglected. Minneapolis roofing companies suggest that maintaining masonry and chimneys is essential to protecting the value that a fireplace adds.

Maintenance of Masonry and Chimney Components:

Chimneys are typically built with bricks, mortar, clay flue liners, flue cap, and base flashings, among other parts. Some components need special attention to maintain the integrity of the chimney.

  • Flashing is the material that surrounds the base of the chimney as it enters the rooftop. Ensuring that the flashing is secure is essential to keeping water from infiltrating the house and causing deterioration or damage to the chimney.
  • Chimney flue caps keep rain, leaves, debris and animals from entering the chimney and causing damage or blockages. They also prevent dust and ash from being released into the air.
  • Chimney tuck-pointing addresses the mortar between the bricks. Cracks and loose bricks should be repaired promptly to eliminate penetration of water and other elements to the mortar and structure.
  • Chimney crowns are susceptible to cracking, erosion, and deterioration due to exposure to the elements and foundation settling.

Periodic inspection of the masonry and chimney is recommended by St. Paul roofing companies to identify and prevent potential problems and damage to the structure. Routine maintenance such as sweeping and cleaning can extend the life of your chimney and save your from costly repairs long-term.

Common Masonry and Chimney Repairs

Chimneys are always exposed to the elements, and over time, repairs will need to be made to keep your chimney safe and in good working condition.

The following are the most common repairs performed by roofing companies:

  • Chimney rebuilding
  • Tuck-pointing
  • Clay flue replacement
  • Chimney crown rebuilding and replacement
  • Waterproofing of masonry components

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