Repairing Chimney Crowns On Your Minneapolis Roofing

chimney crownsA chimney crown is an important part of any chimney and roofing in Minneapolis or St. Paul. The crown is essentially what protects the rest of the chimney, the flues, and any other portions that are attached. The roofing contractors in St. Paul MN at Garlock-French Corporation have been performing roofing and related services (including the addition of repairing and replacing chimney crowns) since 1932 and are waiting to show you why customers all throughout the Minneapolis area have been coming to us for all their chimney and roofing needs for so many years. Through quality workmanship, superior customer service, and specialized chimney services, we can take care of your chimney crown to ensure that further damage is not done to your chimney or Minneapolis roofing.

Benefits Of Having Your Chimney Crown Professionally Repaired Or Replaced

A chimney crown that is properly constructed should be made out of reinforced concrete or stone. They slope away from the chimney flues so that water and debris cannot flow inside and they provide a drip edge that protrudes past the chimney walls in order to protect the sides of the chimney. If your chimney crown is in disrepair, our roofing contractors in St. Paul MN can help. The following are some benefits of our chimney crown repair or replacement services.

  • Erosion of the mortar is prevented with a proper chimney crown extending past the chimney walls.
  • We apply a sealant around each flue that protects the flues from water damage.
  • Rotting can become discovered, cleaned up, and prevented.
  • We only use high quality products available on the market.
  • While we are fixing or replacing your chimney crown, we can assess the rest of your chimney for other concerns that could cause further damage.

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If you suspect that your chimney crown has an imperfection and is not performing correctly, contact the White Bear Lake, Minnetonka, and Minneapolis roofing experts today. When it comes to chimney repair or roofing in Minneapolis, nobody does it better than Garlock-French Corporation. Contact us today at 612-722-7129