Roofing Contractors In Minneapolis Rebuilding Chimneys

Rebuilding Chimneys in MinneapolisA deteriorating chimney can cause more problems than just an unsightly mess. Failed bricks and mortar and broken clay flue liners can pose some real dangers to your roofing in St. Paul, Minnetonka or surrounding areas, and ultimately to the entire structure itself. At Garlock-French Corporation, we understand the risks that are associated with a damaged chimney. Our roofing contractors in Minneapolis, Edina, and surrounding areas are highly trained and qualified to take a look at your chimney, assess the damage that has occurred, suggest a course of action, and take the course that is decided upon.

What Is Involved?

When it comes to rebuilding a chimney on your roofing in Minneapolis or neighboring city, there are a few steps that we take to ensure success.

First, we will assess the damage and deterioration to determine whether the chimney will need to be completely rebuilt or only partially rebuilt. Typically, if the bricks and mortar are damaged only a few courses down from the crown and the rest of the chimney is intact, only the crown will need to be rebuilt. However, damage that is further down near the base or that is spread throughout the chimney in multiple spots would indicate that the chimney should be completely rebuilt. In addition, cracked, broken, or shifted clay flue liners also warrant rebuilding which will be done to the extent and the level of the damage.

Second, we will begin the repairs. Our roofing contractors in Minneapolis have been installing and repairing chimneys for many years on roofing in St. Paul, White Bear Lake, and other areas.

Third, we will answer any questions you have and discuss with you how you can protect your chimney further. We are committed to customer satisfaction and want to ensure that all of your questions are answered and that you understand exactly what was done for your chimney.

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