Signs You Need A New Chimney On Your St. Paul Roofing

chimney repairIt is essential to the structure of your home and to your St. Paul roofing that your chimney is in good repair. Often times, the roofing contractors in Minneapolis at Garlock-French Corporation can make a minimal repair on your chimney and that takes care of the problem. Sometimes, however, your chimney will be damaged beyond repair and will need to be replaced in order to function properly and successfully. For over eighty years, we have been providing the finest quality products and workmanship in the industry, all with a focus on customer service. Not sure whether you need a repair or a replacement? The following are some signs that you should contact Garlock-French Corporation for your chimney needs.

  • Missing Bricks and Mortar. Over time, bricks and mortar do break down. If your chimney is fairly new, it might be a problem with the installation. If your chimney is quite aged, it is probable that the problem just lies in the age of the bricks and mortar. With missing bricks and mortar, the stability of the chimney will be compromised, making it essential that you contact the roofing contractors in Minneapolis at Garlock-French Corporation for a new chimney.
  • Spalling Bricks and Mortar. Spalling bricks and mortar can also cause structural damage. Water is able to more easily get into the flues and the St. Paul roofing if the bricks and mortar experience spalling.
  • Leaks in Flashing. The flashing is what will protect the sheathing, walls, ceiling, framing, and more from water damage. If the flashing is damaged, in addition to other problems with the chimney, a new one might be in order.

Getting Started

If you suspect that your chimney might need to be replaced, contact Garlock-French Corporation today at 612-722-7129 for the best in chimney replacement and roofing in Minneapolis, Edina, and surrounding areas.