St. Paul Roofing Experts Tuck-Pointing Your Chimney

Tuck Pointing Repair ChimneyWhen it comes to your chimney, damage happens. The roofing contractors in St. Paul MN with the most experience at Garlock-French Corporation offer the most high quality workmanship and specialized service. Since 1932, we have been providing customers with peace of mind when it comes to their roofing in Minneapolis, Minnetonka, and surrounding areas. After inspecting your chimney, we will be able to assess whether you have damage that needs to be repaired and will suggest a course of action to take in order to avoid water damage inside your home or further damage to your chimney. One of the methods we use for repair is called tuck-pointing.

What Is Tuck-Pointing?

As our roofing contractors in St. Paul MN will explain, tuck-pointing is a process in which we cut or grind out old mortar joints until we reach sound, intact mortar. We then fill the empty portion with the appropriate mortar and tool it so that it matches the chimney. Sometimes the entire chimney will need to be tuck-pointed and in that case, a concave shape is best to provide weather resistance.

What Are The Risks Of Ignoring The Problem?

If you do not have your chimney repaired, whether through tuck-pointing or rebuilding, there are some real consequences. The first is that the interior of your home could end up with some serious water damage. Wood could begin to rot, fireboxes could deteriorate, and walls could become stained because water and moisture is able to get in through the imperfections. Without repairing the deteriorating mortar in a timely manner, it could continue to deteriorate further and cause more permanent damage to your Edina or St. Paul roofing.

Getting Started

The first step to having your chimney tuck-pointed is to contact Garlock-French Corporation for a professional assessment by one of our experts at roofing in Minneapolis, Edina, and neighboring cities. Our contractors will come to your home to determine if tuck-pointing is the right course of action to take for your chimney and can then recommend what should happen next. With high standards of excellence and a commitment to providing high quality St. Paul roofing and chimney services to our customers, everyone benefits.

Contact us today at 612-722-7129 to get started tuck-pointing your chimney.