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metal roofingIf you have been searching for a unique, beautiful, and high quality option for roofing in St. Paul, Edina, or neighboring areas, you have come to the right place. At Garlock-French Corporation, we specialize in custom metal work and are committed to making sure your metal roof is just perfect. For over eighty years, we have been the experts that customers all over Minneapolis and surrounding areas have been coming to for their roof replacement, repairs and maintenance.


Garlock-French Corporation recommends metal roofing in Minneapolis if you’ve been searching for a roofing solution that will last you for several years to come and one that won’t diminish in value over the years. If you’re thinking about starting a home improvement project, metal roofing in MN may be a good option for you.


Purchasing a metal roof for your Edina home comes with a variety of both short and long term advantages, including:

  • Light weight that contributes to maintaining the structure and life of your roof
  • Fire resistance
  • Energy efficiency so your home stays cooler in the summer
  • More than 50 years of performance


The following are some major benefits:

  • Our architectural systems include the vertical panel system, the stone coated metal system, the long horizontal panel system, and the shingle type panel system. Each one of these systems has many benefits and we will work directly with you to decide which system will be the best for your roof.
  • Metal roofing in MN has proven performance. The roofs typically last at least fifty years, if not longer.
  • The minimal weight of a metal roof helps in preserving the structural integrity of any building and ultimately increases the life of your home or office.
  • Metal roofs are energy efficient and will keep your home or office noticeably cooler. Because of this, you can save some serious money on your utility bills.
  • Metal roofing in Minneapolis, Minnetonka, and surrounding areas is fire resistant.
  • The way that we install the metal panels creates wind resistance to help keep them intact during storms and high winds.
  • There is a variety of styles, designs, colors, and sizes of panels that offer you the most individuality when it comes to your roof.

Getting Started

To learn more about metal roofing in MN, contact the experts that have been providing roofing services for over eighty years. We are waiting to show you why our metal roofing in St. Paul and surrounding areas outlives any of the competition and why customers have been coming to us for decades. When you want the best metal roofing experts in the industry, get started with Garlock-French Corporation.

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