Preserve Your Traditional Home’s Character With a Slate Roof

If you’re planning to retire your old slate roof, you should replace it in kind. Although you can easily find far less costly alternatives on the market, genuine slate is still your best bet to preserve your home’s architectural authenticity.

Preserve Your Traditional Home’s Character With a Slate Roof

At Garlock-French Corporation, we’re a firm believer in the long-term beauty and performance of metal roofing systems. However, our company would recommend authentic slate if you wish to reinforce the traditional appeal of your home’s old-world architecture.

Nothing Beats the Original

Many homeowners gravitate toward asphalt shingles because they replicate the look of real slate without costing as much. But then again, they can’t emulate the original perfectly.

Like asphalt shingles, slate ones also come in batches, but every individual piece is unique. Nature gives them subtle color differences, lending the whole roofing system unparalleled depth and splendor.

Furthermore, slate can outlast all roofing materials. With proper installation and maintenance, slate roofs can have a lifespan of 75 years or more. On the other hand, many slate alternatives usually need replacement far sooner.

Purists Love Genuine

If you consider yourself a traditionalist, crown your roof with its original roofing material. Slate helps recreate the feeling of living in a bygone era when most roofs were covered with it. It may not be as popular as it used to be, but it never fails to be a nostalgic sight.

Historical Value Is Irreplaceable

Historic properties are synonymous with slate roofing systems. When your roof is beyond repair, however, it’s imperative to replace it with slate, too. In addition, you should also hire a roofer experienced in dealing with historical structures like Garlock-French Corporation to ensure standard specifications are followed and respected.

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