Mythbusting Common Metal Roof Beliefs

The use of metal roofing systems have spread from industrial facilities to residential construction. Metal’s popularity is thanks in large part to its strength and durability. Today, you can find metal roofing shingles that have the same appeal as the best-looking asphalt and slate shingles and outperform concrete tiles and wood shakes in terms of […] Read more »

Can You Use Metal for Commercial Flat Roofing Systems?

While it’s common for residential structures to have pitched roofing systems, commercial properties are typically built with “flat roofs”. Firstly, these types of roofs are not actually flat. They’re built at a very low angle to comply with national building codes. Secondly, they are the better commercial choice simply because they are easier to maintain […] Read more »

A Comparison of Roofing Materials: What Suits You Best? – Part 3: Metal Roofing

Are you considering buying metal roofing for your home? If so, you’ve got to weigh the pros and cons of metal against other more common roof materials. We offer here a closer look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of metal roofing, which beats out a lot of more conventional roofing materials in several […] Read more »