The Many Benefits of Proper Attic Ventilation

Adequate attic ventilation is one of the unsung heroes of a functional and long-lasting roofing system. At first, it sure seems counterintuitive to install insulation to trap warm, indoor air, and then intentionally allow cold drafts to come into the attic. However, the combination of proper insulation and ventilation matters in order to keep your […] Read more »

Metal Roofing Part 2: How to Choose the Right One

One of the reasons metal roofing has gained steam over the past decade is the new type of products that have hit the market. Gone are the days when metal was limited to the corrugated tin roofs traditionally found covering barns. Modern manufacturing techniques have given rise to more beautiful, durable, energy-efficient, fire-resistant, and lightweight varieties […] Read more »

6 Reasons to Choose Metal Roofing

If you’re considering getting a long-term investment for your home, you can’t go wrong with a metal roof. This has become a popular choice in both residential and commercial applications. As one of the roofing contractors who specializes in custom sheet metal roofing, let Garlock-French Corporation share the reasons you should switch to this material. Read more »

Tips on Preparing Your Home for a Roof Repair

Investing in quality roofs can provide lasting peace of mind despite severe weather conditions. Constant exposure to the elements, however, can degrade the quality of your roofing over time, making it inefficient. That said, taking measures in keeping your roof in top shape, such as a roof repair, can help prolong its service life. Read more »